Best Guide For Pokies Online Deposits 2023

This guide on which casino payment option is the best bet for pokies players from New Zealand is dedicated to those who find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of information –not all of it accurate- available online.

In my experience as a fan of these real money games, the best approach is to compare the information available on each of the most popular methods, narrow the options down to those that I am most comfortable with using, and then testing them out with smaller deposits to see if the process is as easy to use and suited to my needs as it has been described. Let’s get started and see how they measure up.

Best Pokies Casinos Deposit Methods

TOP Pokies Payment Methods casinosNovember 2023
1 IE allowed5/5$1600 NZD Play now
2 IE allowed4.9/5$1000 NZD Play now
3 IE allowed4.8/5$350 NZD Play now
4 IE allowed4.7/5$750 NZD Play now

Credit Cards are the Most Widely Accepted

Credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are by far the most commonly accepted payment methods online, whether it is for pokies games at top New Zealand casinos or for other types of purchases.

It would be tough to find an online casino that does not accept MasterCard, this being a global brand, recognised by businesses of any kind on all four corners of the globe. These cards are also among the most widely issued, in both debit or credit formats, and the deposit process for MasterCard is exceptionally simple. You will simply provide the number of your card to the online casino’s cashier, confirm your ownership by inputting your 3-digit security code (CVV), and then enjoy the state-of-the-art encryption methods both the company and the online casino provide as you play the pokies you love.

Pokies players and their non-casino-game-playing counterparts make use of Visa cards online every day of the year and you will enjoy totally safe and secure deposits when you make use of your Visa to fund your online play. While US-based online casinos generally do not accept Visa, New Zealand players don’t have to worry about this, and, although these transactions are not as quickly processed as some eWallets are, they are very convenient.

Credit cards are the more traditional way of paying online, but when it comes to making a deposit at an online casino, I have to say they are not my favourites. Processing time may be instant but the funds are not always deducted off your card immediately, and you can run up debt if you’re not careful. They are also not ideal for bankroll management, so you need to play very responsibly.


  • Convenient
  • Quick transactions
  • Accepted at almost every casino
  • Good reputation


  • Interest charges/high fees
  • Make bankroll management tricky
  • Deposit limits
  • Admin intensive (you may be required to prove your identity and verify the card as yours)
  • Potential to run into the red fast
  • Withdrawals not always available

Staying Anonymous with eWallets like Neteller

Neteller is an online payment processing company that was established back in 1999, and its purpose is to ease the transaction process for its customers when it comes to online payments. It links you, the New Zealand pokies player, to the merchant, the online casino providing the games, without the two of you having to exchange sensitive financial information at any stage of the game. This payment method is widely available at New Zealand online casinos, and can help you remain anonymous whenever you go online.

Neteller is one of my top banking options, and it has very few negative aspects to it whatsoever. It’s not suitable for high rollers though, as it has a limit and your account will be frozen if you exceed it, and verification required to validate the funds.


  • No hidden fees
  • Quick deposits
  • Completely anonymous
  • Can be used for deposits and withdrawals
  • Net+Card available


  • 2 hour delay for transfer of money from 3rd party to e-wallet account
  • Account limit set at USD2850

POLi is the Biggest Payment Service in New Zealand

POLi is one of the largest online payment services in the Australia and New Zealand regions, and it serves as a proxy between your bank and the online casino, and makes your transactions safer when doing so.

The level of convenience it provides is incredible: you will not need to register for an account with the company, do not require any kind of credit card, and will not need to pay any fees. It works with the banks New Zealand players will be making use of as well, so there is no stress and hassle in order to connect these, and the deposits are processed quickly and easily. It’s a great option, but the fact that its limited to NZ and AU transactions makes it somewhat less appealing in my eyes, and you need a bank account and an internet banking facility at a bank that is registered with POLi.


  • Safe and secure as none of your personal banking information is stored
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No registration required
  • No levies or fees for transfers


  • Bank charges may apply
  • Requires an Internet banking facility to use POLi
  • Your bank has to be registered with POLi
  • Region limited

The Superior Level of Service Skrill Serves Up

Skrill, established in 2001 as MoneyBookers, has very quickly become a firm favourite with pokies players from New Zealand. This user-friendly eWallet links your credit card or bank account to the one you hold at the online casino you enjoy playing pokies at, and it is a very widely offered electronic wallet service you can make use of whenever you wish to play real money games.

If I had to choose the best banking option for real money pokies play, it would be Skrill. It has all the perks of an eWallet with very few of the negatives and its well established too. Its suitable for both deposits and withdrawals and I’ve found it the easiest to use too.


  • Free account
  • Low fees for all transactions
  • Fixed fees on withdrawals
  • Instant deposits
  • Safe and secure with a 24/7 call centre
  • VIP Club allows for unlimited funds to be deposited


  • Not as widely recognised as other eWallets
  • Clearing times may be affected by the method of deposit you choose

So there you have it, Skrill measures up as the best option, with Neteller not too far behind.