New Zealand Pokies & Casino FAQ’s & Answers

If you are from New Zealand, you will know that it’s generally quite easy to use any of the games and machines that New Zealand casinos offer. Usually taking in some cash and exchanging it for playing tokens is how most casinos operate, and it has been this way for decades. It is different when encountering online casinos, however, and choosing the right kind of banking method can help you enjoy some of your favourite games without having to constantly worry about depositing and withdrawing money as well as casino banking charges.

These are some of the questions that both new and seasoned players will regularly ask about online casino banking, including answers.

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Where Do I Find Casino Banking Methods?

Most banking methods can be found through your online casino account, usually straight after you have signed up to the site and created the account. From there, you will be able to choose the method that best works for you.

 How Do I Make Deposits?

After choosing a banking method, you will then have to follow the directions to make a deposit. If you are using a credit or debit card, for example, then you will have to add the details of the card. E-wallets, on the other hand, usually only require that you add an email or username in order to deposit money.

There may be some casino depositing limits for the type of banking that you use, although mostly these casino depositing limits are not something most casinos will enforce. Deposits are also usually instant, it should be noted.

How Do I Make Withdrawals?

If you’ve won some money and want to take it out of your account, then you will have to firstly choose a method that allows you to take the money out, and follow the relevant procedures. Some banking methods will not allow withdrawals to be made, but other services such as electronic wallets will be more than willing to allow you to withdraw money.

Almost all sites enforce casino withdrawal limits, and it can vary from site to site. If you were to win a progressive jackpot, for example, the casino may only allow you to withdraw in monthly transactions; and not all at once. Withdrawals are not instant for most banking methods, and it can take up to week for withdrawals to clear if you are using something like debit or credit cards. For e-wallets, withdrawal transactions usually take about a day.

Are There Casino Banking Charges?

This depends entirely on the casino and the banking method. Some casinos have special arrangements in place with certain e-wallets, for example, that make all transactions exempt from bank fees. Using a card will usually incur casino banking charges of some sort.

How Do I Self Exclude?

Self exclusion is a type of temporary limit that players can set on themselves so that they cannot continue gambling at their casino site. This involves contacting the casino’s customer support and requesting that self exclusion be put in place for a set amount of time.

How Do I Manage My Funds?

All casino accounts will allow you to completely manage your funds through the account banking settings. Here, you can make deposits and withdrawals, as well as use the money to play your favourite games or machines.